Power Liftgate Retrofit

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This retrofit power tailgate lift assisting system opens and closes your rear door by simply pressing a button. It provides additional security and value to your vehicle. Installation is designed for the do-it-yourself and comes with various brackets depending on your car.


The New Generation power lift gate opener has more features.
Support original remote control(key fob) to open/close tailgate.
Support front/dashboard button to open/close tailgate.
Support rear button and trunk switch to open/close tailgate.
Support foot(boot) kick sensor addon, which is included in the kit.
Still support manually open/close the tailgate.
Customizable tailgate height, suits to everyone.
Tailgate will bounce back automatically once it senses obstacles while closing.
Sound alarm while tailgate is under closing or opening.
Quiet motor, noise less than 50dB in 30cm distance.
Work in all weather conditions, operation temperature -30 ℃~65℃.
Picture for reference only, products are vary depending on vehicle model/year.

71 reviews for Power Liftgate Retrofit

  1. Garry and Pam Tustian

    It all started when I asked my Hyundai Dealership that we would like to have a Power Lift Tailgate fitted to our 2013 Hyundai Santa-Fe Highlander. They stated our model did not have that option in the Main Wiring Harness and it could not be fitted. When I left there I thought I would try to find an aftermarket unit to fit our SUV, eventually Autoease lift kit helped us out but the English Translation in our eyes needs attention straight away.

    Two things.
    1. If you are thinking of buying this product I can truly say their before and during Installation help is Outstanding and they have given this product a three year Warranty.
    2. The second thing is don’t think just buy it.


    Garry and Pam Tustian.

  2. Bob Clarke

    Thank you very much for sending the replacement tailgate kit for my Ford Edge. I was away for most of last week, but installed all the new parts today and everything now works perfectly.

    I appreciate your excellent customer service and prompt communications. Sending the entire new assembly was the answer. I decided to remove all parts and use everything from the new kit. The only thing I could see that was different was the control box that was printed in English and had a slightly different unit number on it.

    I will be travelling Sunday through Wednesday, this week. Please send me information regarding sending the old unit back to you and I will ship it out by the end of the week.

    Again, thanks for the wonderful service and what I believe will be an excellent addition to my Ford Edge. This is something that my wife has wanted for a long time, and I am very pleased that I found your product and am happy to recommend your company to others.

    In this case the expression fits — Happy Wife = Happy Life.

    Bob Clarke
    Long Beach, CA

  3. Christopher Hallam

    Thank you for making such a great product. This was installed on my Chevy Trax in about 3 hours at a local shop who did not do it before. There were no issues or modifications due to problems. We actually were even able to place the interior cabin gate button in a more convenient location for arms reach. The liftgate functions as advertised and is not too fast or slow. Super convenient by means of activating it thru your original keyfob remote by pressing unlock 3x, interior button, trunk button under licence plate and interor trunk button. This makes car life easier for those carrying multiple things and or wrist issues.

    I give this 5 stars due to the fast shipping time (days not weeks+ from China), prompt replies and function. The only two issues I have may be vehicle specific due to wiring, maybe /maybe not. It is that the interior release button illuminates for me only when my left blinker activates otherwise I cant see the button in the dark. Also, there is beeping when the door opens and closes, slightly annoying, I simply disconnected the beep buzzer.

    I would definitely recommend.

  4. Peter Caplen

    My wife loves her bmw X3 (2011 model) but found the tailgate heavy to open and close. Getting an automatic lifter from BMW would have been horrendously expensive so when I by chance saw the Autoease Lifter I was immediately interested. My local independent BMW specialist had a look at the website and agreed to do the fitting as an experiment if I bought the kit. It is always a worry buying from the other side of the world but knowing that most Chinese equipment is now top quality I decided to take the chance. When the kit arrived I was immediately impressed with the quality, as was the garage who would be fitting it. Fitting was straight forward and they did a superb job of installing the switches and concealing the wiring. They also made a short video of the fitting to put on their website! My wife loves being able to walk across the supermarket car park watching the tailgate rise as she approaches with her trolley! A great value addition to an already nice car.
    All the best, Peter
    Westleigh, Devon, UK

  5. Tomo Bate

    The person who installed the unit for VW Touareg power tailgate kit, is an audio installer for the past 15 years and worked mostly with German cars.

    1) The installation took three and half hours.
    2) Removing and reinstallation of the tailgate panel was a breeze.
    3) Strut installation was easy except for the round gourmet / rubber O-ring attached to wire was difficult to insert on a small oval shape hole.
    4) Removing the rubber gourmet between tailgate and body was challenging. The plastic holder on both ends of the rubber gourmet are brittle and very hard to pry open and detach from the tailgate and body, too much force could damage a tooth and will no longer be able install on its original finish.
    5) But the most challenging was inserting the power cable and latch motor cable on the connecting rubber gourmet between the tailgate and body. The connectors were bulky and numerous, and the wires bundle together is bigger than the gourmet can accommodate. So, had to insert the power cable first applying a lot of WD 40 and slowly pulling it. Then attached a string on the end of Latch cable and applied a lot of WD 40 and similarly slower since it has become very tight. This took an hour to complete the passage of the connectors and cables altogether, we did not want to stretch the rubber gourmet’s body out of proportion. Next use thinner wires!
    6) We installed the ECU Control Box further back and beside the rear plate bulb holder, if we followed the suggested location, the foam inside of the tailgate’s plastic panel will squeeze and damage the connectors on the Box.
    7) The Latch Motor had to be installed in another location. The double adhesive tape is not sturdy enough to contain it movement based on the suggested location, drilling a hole was not an option since the muffler is right below. We installed the motor at the heavy plastic molding beside the spare tire and drilled three holes to fasten the motor. The plastic molding was fastened on the body to begin with, so it was sturdy to hold the motor in its place.
    8) Power wire passed thru the upper doors roof frame and was easy to do, no need to dissemble the molding.
    9) Once completed and installed all the connections, the system worked immediately. The key fob worked by pressing the button once and long until you hear three beeps, tailgate button lit and single short press worked perfectly and the interior button work similarly thru a short pull.
    10) Observations:
    a) Note the wires are too long such as the power cable, strut cable and latch motor, looked messy and bulky in bundling them together.
    b) The Gate Button switch is flimsy, brittle and has a cheap finish may need to replace soonest it may break anytime.
    c) The struts are difficult or very hard to pull-down in order to adjust to its desired opening, I had to pull thru the body of the tailgate instead of panel as the latter may tear apart from the body.
    d) The opening and closing process are slow compared to my other car.
    e) I have not installed the foot sensor, would like to observed the tailgate for a month before installation.

    Thank you

  6. Andrew Flock

    They make a quality kit that despite the confusing installation instructions due to the translation into English, was easy to install. I had many questions prior to doing the install and they were always answered quickly by Tao the Sales Manager.
    I also installed the foot sensor which also was very easy.
    It would make sense for the company to redo all installation instructions into clear and proper English. Also what helped my a lot was watching the different youtube videos on the various installs, even though there wasn’t a specific one about my install a Kia Sorento the process is mostly the same and really helped. The videos were more help than the printed instructions.
    I highly recommend them for a easy to install quality kit and excellent customer service.
    Andrew Flock/ Florida USA

  7. Danny, New York

    Customer service is fantastic! High OEM quality parts. I installed in 2018 Jeep Compass. The only thing I can see that needs attention is the install manual needs to be clearer and a little more detail. Overall very happy and Im interested in the foot control option.

  8. Frank K

    I have great news! I shaved the small plastic ridge off my left strut (gray connectors) and the power and control plugs snapped firmly in place. I reset the system by manual closing the hatch, and it works perfectly!

    I was able to reinstall the rubber bumper that I pulled out of the latch and the hatch still opens and closes without a hitch. I was also able to successfully test opening and closing the hatch without reinstalling the plastic trim on the hatch.

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to obtain newer version control box and for sticking with me throughout this project. Your prompt responses to my emails and your continued assurances that we would solve this problem were greatly appreciated. Also, thank you for sending the replacement equipment to me expedited mail so that I could compete the project sooner.

    It has been a real pleasure working with you on this project, and I sincerely wish you and your company continued success. I will be making a post on the tesla forum attesting to the high quality of your product and the outstanding support you provided me throughout this project.

    Your friend in Florida,

    Frank K

  9. John Kodash

    I would like to know if this product will work in my 2014 Toyota sienna LE?

    • Autoease Technology

      Yes it work in your 2014 toyota sienna le, fitness confirmed

  10. Tal Mal

    Will this work with a Toyota CHR?

    • Autoease Technology

      Yes it fit to Toyota CHR

  11. Patricia

    I need this for a 2017 Ford Transit Connect van. Do you expect to support that model in the near future?

    • Autoease Technology

      Yes we have this kit available in near future. please send us your contact info (address/phone) to support@autoease.com, we will ask our dealer to contact you

  12. Joseph DeLissio

    Will this fit in a 2019 Honda CRV EX?

    • Autoease Technology

      Yes it fit 2019 CRV EX

  13. Rose

    Will this work on a 2017 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT XLT with a liftgate door?

    • Autoease Technology

      Yes, please contact info@che1.com for business request

  14. Gabriel Orlanda

    I wish to know if it works for my Skoda Octavia 3 Sedan from 2014 October

    • Autoease Technology

      Under developing, going to release this month

  15. Casper Nordahl-Meyer


    Have You made a tailgate kit for Ford Custom / Ford Tourneo ?

    Best regards

    Casper Nordahl-Meyer

    • Autoease Technology

      Yes, please contact info@che1.com for business request

  16. Patricia Doran

    Does this work for Holden TRAX LS,

    • Autoease Technology

      Hi Patricia, we have one last kit in stock for Holden Trax, please order online.

  17. Jane Hart

    I have waited a few months before reviewing to see how well it worked, I bought a kit for our Toyota CHR Hybrid because I missed having a powered tailgate, the customer service before we bought was fantastic answered every question and sent fitting instructions before we even ordered, payment was through PayPal so no worries there.
    We found an excellent auto electrician to fit it and it has been brilliant, delivery was within a couple of days and it is excellent quality. Everything works perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with it, I have also recommended it to a couple of friends and so has the electrician, don’t hesitate to buy if interested.

  18. Colby Reeves

    Purchased for 2013 Toyota 4runner. Works. I read the included instructions as well as instructions I found online from an individual and became thoroughly familiar before starting. Inventory your parts before you start. They left out the mounting brackets for the new power struts and I had to notify them. They sent them right out and I had them 3 or 4 days later. While challenging it’s do-able for a advanced diy guy. I would say it might be overwhelming otherwise on a 4runner. Working straight through it’s probably a 4 hour job but a few problem area’s can quickly turn it into an all day job. The power cable that connects to the fuse box has a split ground wire that was supposed to connect in the same area to a ground point but after connecting and running to the back I found the ground wire was about 3 ft short so I had to take apart and move the ground connection rearward to have enough wire. Extra hour and a half. You need to be organized keeping up and possibly marking nuts and screws removed. The hardest part was fishing all the wires, 2 rear struts and 3 from drivers kick panel area, through the liftgate. 4runners have a power rear window and you also have to be sure you don’t obstruct. You will need to tightly tape your wire to fish and possibly spray some wd40 on it as well. Then get ready to push/pull till it finally, yes finally, finds a path through the small area. I got everything done but the liftgate fishing in one day and got tired and frustrated and came back after a good nights rest and finished fishing. Took another 1-1 1/2 hours tying up excess wires and putting everything back together. As I said it works nicely. I have contacted support with a small issue of the liftgate stopping about 12 inches short of closing. Takes a little push to finish closing but I’m hoping they can help with adjustment of that. Support has been A+ so far so I expect to get it resolved. 4 stars due to closing issue.

    • Autoease Technology

      Sorry for the late reply due to the national day holiday, please keep us updated of the kit performance closely. We will guarantee a happy ending.

  19. Colby Reeves

    5 stars now as closing issue was just a matter of adjusting the closing speed.
    Great customer service

    • Autoease Technology

      Thank you!

  20. Leigh Allgaier

    Since the unit is now installed and working well, I thought I would write a few comments.
    A. The electric tailgate lift after-market kit is a great piece of equipment. It works as advertised and is a quality product. All the pieces in the kit were made well and heavy duty. I recommend the product highly and would award it 5 stars out of 5.
    B. The directions, however, do leave considerable want. The pictures don’t always match the car. It was handy to lay all the parts out prior to installation, just to figure out what was to be done. Fortunately, the person who I hired to install the lift appreciates good puzzles – as this was. I want to emphasize that the parts were all there. It just was that the car did not always match the directions and photos because Nissan must have changed later editions slightly. I would award the directions 3 starts out 5. A final bit of advice: it really helped to view the photos with the instructions on a large screen color monitor versus a print-out.
    Would I do it again? Absolutely. I am handicapped and the rear door was just too difficult to shut. The lift was needed!
    Leigh Allgaier
    Wisconsin, USA

  21. Eddie

    My wife who is a petite girl complained to me that her 2018 4Runner Limited rear door is really heavy to lift open and close, also she is short so hard to reach the door to close as well. I did a online search and I found a Youtube video showing Autoease automatic door closer in action and was impressed so I emailed Autoease and a person name Tao helped me in purchasing the correct auto door closer. When the auto door closer kit arrived, I was lucky that someone had put out a photo description online installing the kit which was really helpful in following the instructions provided, I am a technician which helped too. I ran into some issues with the actuator and contacted Tao and he immediately (and I mean immediately it arrived in a week and I live in Hawaii) sent me replacement actuators and when they arrived I installed them and now my wife is so happy no more struggling!!!

    I have to say that although Autoease is located in Asia, I will not hesitate to recommend them. Their vehicle auto door openers worked as described and I am a 100% satisfied customer with Autoease and especially Tao. He is a very excellent service oriented person!!!!

    Thank you so much, Tao!

  22. Bob B

    I recently installed Autoease power lift gate on my wife’s 2017 Ford Edge SEL. Took my time reading instructions. Installation was easy, a bit of work but easy. when all said and done, I couldn’t wait to try it. Well hatch would not open, it wanted to. I sent out an email to Autoease tech support, it was a late weekend night. First thing Monday morning USA east coast time I received a reply from Autoease. They gave me tips to try. First: to size up body piston brackets. Instructions stats 2017 – 2019 body brackets do not need to be replaced. That was not the case. I replaced brackets, hatch worked. Second: Front hatch button would close hatch but would not open hatch and three clicks on open key fob would not work. I wrote another email with these issues. Autoease responded quickly with and firmware update. They sent instructions on how to update control box. After update everything worked. I give Five Stars for Autoease sticking with me till these issues were resolved. My Wife loves it explicitly the foot sensor. The motors are quite. Hatch is tight, no water leaks. I mentioned Autoease to friends and coworkers.

    Thank You
    Bob B

  23. Tom aus germany

    I can only recommend the product! I have a Volkswagen Beetle 2014, the tailgate is very large and heavy in terms of construction, which is why the tailgate initially slammed very loudly into the lock. Autoease then sent me another new control box (2nd generation) and transmitted new software. The tailgate closed much more quietly with the new control box. The quality of the electric tailgate is good. This whole construction is very valuable. If you own a VW Beetle, you should order and install the 2nd generation control box straight away. Then the electric tailgate works great as if it had already been installed by VW. Just much cheaper. VW in Germany charges around 2,000 euros for an electric tailgate. For the VW Beetle, an electric tailgate is not offered at all because the tailgate is so heavy. The support from Autoease is great, I can only recommend the electric tailgate offered here !!!! great

  24. Jean-Louis Thibault

    I own a VW Golf Wagon that only had a manual tailgate, I have a disability that made it difficult to open the tailgate and unsafe when slippery. Saw your website, ordered and it was delivered on time. My VW Dealer installed it without any difficulty. It looks and works like original equipment. It was easy to adjust for speed and height of opening. The operating controls are easy to see and operate and best of all the original key fobs work as remote controls. My vehicle is now safer than ever and I would recommend your system to my best friend. Thank you

  25. Micah You

    I recently installed automatic liftgate for my wife’s 2018 Rav4 Hybrid. I am very happy with both the product and the customer support. The package arrived fairly quickly and the instruction were on a pdf email. I followed the instructions and supplemented with different Youtube videos of similar installations. A few main points that I learned:
    1) Tao is very prompt and helpful with any questions. He usually replied within a day.
    2) The whole installation took me around 4-5 hours. This was because of a few challenges I had with pulling the cable attached to the strut through to the proper area of the tailgate. I used a coathanger and taped it to the cable. (It took many attempts with trial and error).
    3) After I installed the liftgate opener, I had issues with locking the car. I sent Tao an email and he immediately replied. I had placed the fuse power wire into the wrong spot. Once I moved the position of the fuse, things worked perfectly.
    4) I initially couldn’t open the liftgate with the key fob. However, I just need to press the unlock button 5 times instead of 3.
    5) Next: I’m planning on installing the foot sensor.

    Final thoughts: I’d definitely recommend the product and Autoease. If you’re fairly handy or willing to struggle and learn, you’ll be able to install the liftgate opener with the help of Tao, youtube and the instruction manual.

  26. Tom Dale

    I bought one of these to fit to my Audi Q3. I had difficulty finding an auto electrician to fit it for me because either they had not done one before, or they had heard that they did not work correctly in the car because they were an aftermarket kit. Well I found a guy who wanted to fit it for me. The kit is very good quality, the control unit is clever and the whole system works brilliantly and at more than half the cost. Everytime I have contacted the support team with any queries they have been always quick to reply and were very helpful. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

  27. Amir Avidan

    Very pleased with our purchase. Everything works wonderfully.

    Arrived quickly considering it was an international shipment to Canada.

    Customer service was excellent with any and every question we had.

    Highly recommend the product and this company to anyone and everyone

  28. Ulises Valero

    In the times that we live, you do not see such a professional person who is willing to help the client by bothering even in non-working hours and still willing to serve. I live in the United States and the owner of this company is a true professional. From China a shipment in just a few days and by WhatsApp indicated everything they had to do to install the liftgate. I recommend 100% the products as well as the worker behind this business. Excellent efficiency and quality. 100% Guarantee .AAA +++

    • Autoease Technology

      Thank you Ulises for the kind comment. We’re not sure if we deserve such a compliment but it does inspire us to do a better job.

  29. Sean Donovan

    I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with this product. I had it professionally installed, glad I did, and it works perfectly. The mechanic was impressed by the quality of the components-he felt they were excellent-and he was also impressed by how well it works. You could easily mistake this for a factory option, it’s that good.

    I feel that this was well worth the money especially after seeing how this has worked for the last couple of months. It is on my wife’s car and she loves it, in fact more than her last car because this one has the boot sensor to open with your foot.

    Again,fabulous product, I would not hesitate to recommend. Only downside for me were the install costs, this was not something I wanted to do, but if you have the time it is a DIY job.

  30. Matt Harper

    I’ve made the adjustments to the door opening height and closing speed, much better thanks for that. I just want to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been working with you. I’m so impressed at your timely responses with the emails and your attention to detail. Your product is very well made and most of all, it works great. Thank you very much for the kit and I hope the information I’ve sent you is what you needed. Again, words can’t describe how happy I am that you sent me the kit. I had looked for a long time and had almost given up on finding a power liftgate for Honda Pilot. I’m so pleased I was able to find your company and even more pleased at your professionalism and knowledge of your product. If in the future you need anything from me please don’t hesitate to let me know. I would be more than happy to help out in any way I can. I’ll definitely pass along the name of your company to everyone I know. Thanks Tao and have a blessed day.

  31. Daniel Beecher

    Great product, got it for my 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback EX, works fantastic. A little tricky to install but I have no experience in cars and was able to get it installed my self in about 5 hours. Couldn’t figure out how to get the light on the button to work but it fictions great and I love it. My sister loves it to and she is now hoping to get it for her Civic as well. And having the support over Whatsapp is amazing!!

  32. andrea borin

    Five stars im very happy
    I installed the last upgrade 7th may 2020 automatic liftgate for my Range Rover Evoque 2015.
    My kit was purchased in 2018, I replaced with a new one for free under three years warrenty.
    Mr Tao is very helpful with all questions. The whole installation took me less than 5 hours. The most difficult was the passage of the cables in the corrugated tube from the roof to rear door, because the corrugated is very tight, the rest is very very easy.
    I’d definitely recommend Autoease, for the product and service behind.
    Andrea Verona Italy

  33. Jeff Wield

    My dream would be that every online store has as great of post-sales support as Autoease. It’s like asking a neighbor for help except that neighbor is in another time zone. Replies to my emails are prompt and helpful. I got the door out of sync somehow through no fault of the hardware. They asked for some pictures and a video clip and got it quickly resolved. Great people to work with. I’ve purchased another lift kit for my other car. I know when I install it, they’ll be right there with me to help if needed.

  34. Douglas J Nielsen

    I would echo what has been stated above. The directions are a little “vague” or something is lost in translation. However this is all made up for by the best post sale customer service I’ve ever experienced. Installation took more like 6 hours for an in experienced guy like me. Most of the extra time is just running the wires from the front to the back of the car. I’m a little anal about this kind of thing and wanted them ran right next to the wiring harness. My problem started when it wouldn’t work after I’d installed it. MY FAULT. One of the connectors was not fully seated and gave a bad connection. In defense, the connector was kind of hidden behind a piece of sheet metal and hard to get at. I contacted Tao in customer service. He walked me through a diagnosis quite quickly that included measuring the voltage at that connector. When I pressed the voltmeter probes to it, I heard it click into place. After that the system worked perfectly.
    initial quality of parts, 5 stars.
    Customer service, not able to rate it on a 5 star system. Best customer service i’ve ever experienced.

    • Autoease Technology

      Thanks Doug for such kind comment, wish you having a very plansant experience in using our kit 🙂

  35. Gianpaolo C

    We installed the tailgate kit in a BMW X3 F25 2015. It wasn’t easy! Especially trying the to fit the cables in existing places. There was almost no room for the extra cables and the length of the cables wasn’t optimal for placing the control box where we wanted. We had to install it on the right side a little high. But we could hide it. Connecting the cables was easy! But if you want to install the foot sensor, the green cable goes into the handle switch and the red cable is not used! The knob to open the tailgate left of the steering wheel (Left side drive) is not original BMW! That is a shame, because that’s the only piece of hardware that indicates that it is a aftermarket feature! Also the placement of the 12v in the fuse box is not clear. Where to put it. We had to find a free fuse. But we did it and it took us 7 hours. It works fine but the standard close speed is too slow, so we adjusted it to level 6. The support is excellent, we got fast response to our questions. A lot of our questions where not in the manual but should be in there..

    • Autoease Technology

      Thanks for the comment, we will keep on improving our kits per your valued feedback

  36. Richard Grandy

    Installed their product on our 2018 Prius Prime. Was definitely work running all the wire but the end result was well worth it! The installation manual can use some work but their customer service was FANTASTIC! They replied immediately to all my emails when I ran into a problem. Great product and great service!

  37. gregg b

    I want to thank you so much for your product and your assistance. this is something I have been trying to accomplish for my 85 year old parents for 2 years. NO ONE could do it for us. I took a chance on your product as it was the only one I could find worldwide, and I was skeptical with being so far away. But, I want to tell you how satisfied I am. thank you so much, again! I’ve discussed it with my wife and will probably purchase one for our 2020 Honda hrv. Thank you, and have a great day!

  38. Barney Kunkel

    Quite simply, the best engineered, tech supported and assembled aftermarket kit of any kind on the market. Additionally, I have been involved in military aviation, aerospace and various related fields for over 50 years as well as just a plain old car nut for over 60 years and I can truly state that I have not come across a finer product anywhere.
    I would say that a basic background in mechanics would be helpful during the installation but if you just plan well, take your time and pay attention to the instructions, all will go well. There is also a prompt technical support available and dealing with Tao was a real pleasure.
    Get this product. You will not regret it.


    Installed their product on my Citroen C5 Aircross in a car workshop and everthing works properly. We had few problems with the installation manual and the operation of foot sensor but Tao replied immediately to all our emails and the Tailgate works perfect. Excellent Product and customer service! The result was well worth it ! Good job AUTOEASE!!!

  40. Steve Giest

    Installed their lift gate and for sensor on a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, they’re both working great and it really wasn’t too hard. Like some others, I ran into a few tough points but my emails to Tao received replies in super quick and was able to complete the project. Would definitely recommend!!

  41. Nick

    Ford Focus RS MK3.. Just like other here I’ve installed this myself and had great support from the company. The shipping was extremely quick and everything worked 1st time. I am very pleased and happy to recommend the lift kit to other owners.. only thing I’ve done is change the switches illumination to blue to Match my interior. Thanks again 5 *****

  42. Waleed A.

    I am extremely satisfied with power tailgate I got for my 2016 Pathfinder. Tao was extremely helpful throughout the process. I am not an auto expert and I knew I would struggle with the DIY installation, Tao found a local installer. I am extremely satisfied with this product. I would highly recommend this product.

  43. Jeff Johnson-Garland TX

    5-3-21 Purchased a 2017 Mazda CX5 from a dealer and didnt realize the liftgate was NOT powered. My wife hated that fact. Research online led me to Autoease. Timeframe from purchase to receiving the package was actually only 5 days…really fast from China. The kit was impressive in its construction, professional in design and function. There were some issues that i caused in the install but AutoEase was exceptional in their email response to my questions. I would send pictures of my problem and they would troubleshoot and reply back the next day! My wife now is happy again. Thank heaven! and thanks to AutoEase and Tao for their product and patience with me. Will definitely tell my Mazda dealer about this product…especially since i found a Toyota dealer in Alabama that loves this product as well. Thanks to all AutoEase staff.

  44. Marcos Torres

    Product works great and was fairly easy to install. I have a lot of car knowledge so souring wires into the car and through panels and doors was easy. However I don’t recommend this as a diy for everyone especially for those that don’t know much about cars. Overall the product works great and includes everything you need even a drill ti if drilling is required to route the wires. Very happy with this product.

  45. Floyd E Webb Jr

    Well I’ve completed the installation on my Wife’s 2015 Nissan Pathfinder and aside from a couple of head scratching moments the job was just following instructions, watching You Tube videos and communicating with Tao the end result is a functioning liftgate And a happy wife. Thinking of doing this DIY or having done do it. Quality product and great customer care, Thanks again Tao !

  46. Michael Greer

    I cant say enough good things about Autoease and Tao. He worked with me on the problem I was having on my mustang mach-e and made sure that every thing was working. Even though we were half a world apart he always answered every one of my emails in a very timely manner. Thank you Tao and wish you the best.

  47. Luis R. Avello

    The application was for a 2017 Honda HRV not equipped with a factory tailgate powerlift.
    This system is of excellent quality and performance.
    The customer support during the installation process was very detailed and helpful, with great illustrations and directions by Mr. Tao.
    I highly recommend and respect this product.

  48. Bruce Gardner

    I purchased the lift kit for a 2015 Subaru Forster. I had a company in St. Louis Missouri USA “VIP Auto Accessories” install the lift kit. We did not use the footswitch because my wife would not use it and the extra cost of installing it. They did a very good job, and it works great. Because it is my wife’s car my ears quit hurting. Thank you Tao for your support and for returning my emails in a timely manner. Thank you, Bruce Gardner

  49. Vinh

    I purchased a full kit of powerliftgate + foot sensor for my Mazda CX9 TC 2021 on Christmas time 2021. There is no automotive installer working during the long holiday. Mr. Tao encouraged me and by his friendly instructions, I have done DIY and all functions of the kit work perfect.

    A month after installation, I tell Mr. Tao the button near the latch motor hard to press to close the boot. He sent me the replacement button by DHL express service. wonderful.

    I am very happy for the final result. Thanks Tao for your friendly support. 5*

  50. Nigel Norton

    Purchased boot kit for Hyundai Kona, kit arrived in stated time.

    Excellent packaging.

    Instruction a little lacking in detail which held me up by a few hours checking on the internet and redoing things.

    Instructions for foot trigger very poor but much better ones emailed to me within a few hours, other question asked due to the poor detailed instruction just referred me to the manual, not helpful.

    The item looks well built and works well, time will tell if reliable.

  51. René Ulbrandt Jørgensen

    Great product for ford focus estate, high quality and sales manager Tao gives the best support on the planet. If you want an electric tailgate and your car is on the list, this is the place to buy

  52. Shane B

    Kit works great on a Kia telluride 2021. Installation wasn’t difficult if you like to DIY. Took about 8-10 hours total. Tailgate opens and closes on pressing the key fob unlock button 3x.

  53. Mike Loewen

    Great upgrade kit for my 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 with the included foot sensor. I couldn’t believe I had the package in my hands in 5 days from ordering, including 2 days held up in Customs. Very well packaged and comprehensive kit made of quality looking materials. Only the English instructions were less than 5 star. Needed help with final adjustments but received prompt and complete instructions from Tao which resolved it to 100%. This is a medium DYI project , doable in a home shop but perhaps best left for a professional. Text assistance from another Hyundai forum member with recent installation experience was helpful. Kick sensor works better than any OEM I have experienced.

  54. Martin B.

    Super upgrade kit for my Kia E-Niro 2019.
    Fast delivery and it comes with instructions. I’d say it’s a little challenging to install yourself, but it’s doable. And Taos online support is super fast and so you get help with any problem during install. the effort is worth it – it’s a great upgrade for my car.
    Thank you.

  55. Detlef B.–July 2023

    Received my unit in February of this Year 2023 so I had to wait for warmer weather ( no garage). Well it is July and the work began.
    all went great till it got to the cable fishing thru the connection from the tail gate to inside left corner , had to cut the wires at the connectors ( witch where soldered back together) all went well till it got to the point of testing nothing happened, I send some photos
    and the describing the problem to Tao, he send back some trouble shooting instructions. So went to work, after an hour I found that the power cable female spade was not tide to the male spade, done some slide crimping to it and putsch back in place the beeper went off great sign, adjusted the hatch to the height which my wife would prefer so she could reach the close button ( she is a smaller person) went thru the set up with her and all is working great, she was very happy. But I give a big thank you to Tao for all the help he has given us to complete this project THANK YOU Tao.
    We love the product you Guys have created for us DIY’S

    Many thanks to Autoease

  56. Neil Cotton

    Fitted this kit to BMW X3, after 3 years, 1 strut is not working and has damaged my tailgate. they say the system is very old and you need to replace it. as they don’t have spare parts, after 3 years !!!!
    Now wont answer me.

    • Autoease Technology

      The kit was purchased in May 2019 which is over 4 years, unfortunately the old type strut is no longer available. Trust me the New version system is much better choice in your case. Thank you.

  57. Fatih

    Thank you so much for the tailgate kit for my CUPRA Formentor. I received it two weeks ago, but installed all of it yesterday and everything now works perfectly.

    Thanks for your service and fast response. The only thing I could see that was different was the bracket which had a slightly different shape. I had to make some modifications to it. Screws are didn’t match properly.

    It would be great to prepare a better user and installation manual. I read all the reviews and every person mentioned the missing information in the user manual. You must change on it.


    • Autoease Technology

      Thank you Fatih for the advise, we will send you updated parts by this week.

  58. Akis Kourelis

    I have this in a 2018 VW Atlas for the past 4 years. It has worked flawlessly. It is a bit slower than an OEM but nothing too bad. Customer service has been exceptional too helping with installation problems for e.g. my dash button control issue was resolved quickly.

  59. Dave Tinsley

    Hi. Just to say thank you. The kit for my Kia EV6 GT line arrived quickly and on time 6 days. The company that fitted this for me were very impressed both with the parts and the excellent service with technical help from your company gave to them. Great product, easy to fit and works like it was standard Kia fit, Auto ease are fantastic to deal with. Quick to respond if you need fitting advice.
    In all a great company to deal with.
    Thank you

  60. Bao Tran

    This is a good product set for my Honda Passport 2019.
    The liftgate kit operates smoothly and lightly..the seller’s support is very fast and dedicated..
    I will recommend it to some of my friends. Thanks

  61. Rodney Holden

    I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very thankful for the product and support that your company has shown me and you should be very proud. The company that installed the product to my Holden Trailblazer Lt 2020 was Race Automotive Sound & Vision were very impressed with your product.
    Once again thank you.

  62. Tom

    I installed this power lift gate kit on a 2016 Mazda CX5 and it did not work properly. I contacted the seller and they responded very quickly and were very attentive to help me figure out my problem. They asked for pictures and videos with sound so they could diagnose the problem..We probably exchanged emails over the course of 3 or 4 days and the problem ended up being my fault, as I plugged one of the plugs into the wrong plug on the car. Now the lift gate works just like a factory kit, even with my factory remote. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needed their products and I would buy from them again.

  63. Mark

    I ordered the power liftgate for my 2019 Highlander in April. I had emailed customer service twice since receiving the product and both times customer service was exceptional. The team went above and beyond to resolve my issues and troubleshoot with me (emailed me videos and documentation on troubleshooting) They sent a replacement part and that resolved my issue. The response time and amount of collaboration on resolving my issues were phenomenal.

  64. Florian

    Had the pleasure to develop a new kit together with Autoease for the 2019- Toyota Corolla Hatchback (E210) which is not available with trunk lift from factory. The parts are very good and the support from Autoease team is perfect. I mean it isn’t only very fast and responsive, but also very professional. Due to the nature of developing a brand new kit, there were many steps needed and every time I contacted the team they were very fast (equal if we talk about finding a solution or talking about shipment times (from China to Germany it took once only 4 days after a new part needed until I held it in my hands)). Beside of this very nice experience (I mean the development process), the quality of the parts is very good.
    I can give a full recommendation for buying parts (I can only speak for the trunk lift kit and kick sensor, but they are very good) from Autoease.

    • Autoease Technology

      Thank you Florian, for your patience and professional insight during all the process!

  65. Dwaine Jones

    2023 Toyota 4Runner – so super pleased with the extremely fast shipping, the product itself AND the very helpful customer service! The fishing of wires from the rear hatch area through to the area near the area where the jack is stored (where all the electronics for the Autoease unit are placed) was the hardest part of the job. Have patience! When running this set of wires into the cab of the vehicle also run an extra small pull line so you can pull the green wire for the foot sensor back to the hatch unit! That’s the only question I had for customer support, where did the green trigger wire for the foot sensor get connected (answer; in the rear hatch area). They responded same day and provided pictures and a detailed instruction sheet! Order with confidence and enjoy the convenience of an auto opening feature that Toyota SHOULD have offered as an option from the get go!

  66. Steve Whitehouse

    I brought a door opener(2016 chevrolet trailblazer) in 2017 and it works great, had a couple of minor problems that were immediately fixed. Recently the door closing mechanism broke and was replaced quickly and easily. I can not recommend this company more highly for their instant customer service, always reply and most helpful. GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA.

  67. Nelson Rommy

    I bought for my Kia Stinger 2018 premium model tailgate rear door opener everythings was perfect installation with only some modification by the latch need a adapter,but overall good item what I was looking for since 2020 very happy with the service from costumer support was able to answer my questions very nice with pic, will enjoy it


  68. Colin Nicholls

    The Autoease kit was purchased by myself and professionally installed (by another) in a MY22 KIA Seltos. The kit itself operated perfectly and was well manufactured however an intermittent failure caused by the installer making a poor connection, created an intermittent problem that persisted for some time.

    During this period the customer service, provided by Autoease, as others have already commented has been exceptional, in my case the response has often been within hours and always helpful.

    In my case the fix required a re-flash of the Electronic Control Unit’s firmware with Tao providing me with the software and detailed instructions, after I had supplied Tao with a video of the problem.

    I can thoroughly recommend the Autoease Tailgate Lift and in the unlikely event of a problem with the installation or operation, the Customer Service will be found to be above and beyond that. expected

  69. Larry

    Added this to my 2024 Nissan Kicks and it works great!
    Excellent support.
    There were a few minor bumps/questions along the way, but the support team took excellence care of me and is very responsive.
    Very happy with the product!!

    If you’re installing this yourself, it’s totally doable, as I did. Make sure that you’re a handy person and that you feel comfortable and confident doing this type of stuff. To install you’ll be removing and reinstalling car trim pieces, running wires, disconnecting and reconnecting things.
    Or enlist the help of a friend that’s good at this or a professional.
    In the end you’ll like it.

  70. Todd Barnes

    I am very pleased with the final results. I had a hard time though with the installation, in part because I am not very mechanically inclined when working on the car. Second, it was my first time doing any thing like this. And lastly, i am red green color blind and ended up connecting some wires to the wrong wires.
    BUT, I had great support and customer service (Thank you Tao). They always responded to my questions (even on their weekend), gave my instructions to try things, to take pictures and send them to them (ultimately this was how I discovered the last connection to the wrong wire).
    The PDF instruction manual left lots to my imagination and could definitely be written better for the novice like me.
    BUT as I first stated – I am very pleased with the final results – it fit my IONIQ 5 (2023) perfectly!

  71. Orthotec Fahrzeugumbau

    As a company that converts vehicles for people with disabilities, we are very grateful for the great collaboration with autoease. It’s great that there are solutions even if there isn’t a finished kit for a specific car model yet (2023 Opel Corsa). We look forward to further good cooperation!

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