Please read the following terms carefully and make sure you understand them thoroughly. Contact us if you have any doubts before proceeding the order.

We use Paypal to accept online payment, we do not acquire or store your personal data on our server, we simply ship the order to your address on Paypal payment page. Once shipment is online, Paypal will send you a notification email about tracking information.

Your personal information will be only used as order handing & after sales service purpose, we will never send you email for commercial purpose once order is completed.

Price listed is in US dollar, we ship from China Mainland / Hong Kong, Autoease offer free shipping based on our price term(DDU – Delivered Duty Unpaid), you’re on your own to handle local customs clearance or import fees / VATs. We may request extra cost if your address is remote. Discounted price is for new product or holiday promotion purpose, Autoease reserve the right to update price at any time without explanation, no price difference will be redeemed.

You have our 90 day money back guarantee and three year product warranty. When you need after-sales service which involving return, please do not use Paypal dispute unless we cannot provide satisfied answer, involving the 3rd party may cost extra time & resources. When return is involved, please contact us to require a RMA with detailed return instructions, note in this case we will be in charge shipping cost to customer, and customer will be in charge shipping to us.

Please check out the installation manual, contact us for electric copy if it did not come in the package, it is forbidden to install our products without (reading instruction) manual. Please make sure the model ordered is compatible with your car, feel free to contact us for any uncertain questions, manufacture year ranges is for reference only, we do not responsible for compatibility and fitness issue if incorrect model ordered, customer will be liable for incorrect item orders and responsible for all the exchange/return fees.

TL105 power liftgate kit must be installed by qualified installers. The power struts built-in with high-pressure spring which could cause property damages or serious personal injuries if they’re disassembled without professional tools, or installed/used improperly. Our partner listed on installer page are not mandatory to work with to install Autoease products, they’re the 3rd party who are not affiliated with us, Autoease is not liable for their charges or installation related stuff. We do appreciate if customers can send their feedback of the installers work, we reserve the right to remove the installers from our list at any time per feedbacks.

Your feedback is important to us! Feel free to let us know what you think about our products and services. Finally, thank you for reading!